John Hammer Collection

John Hammer is one of our very favorite people and artists.  His wit and talent create unique, fun art that makes you smile.  Mr. Hammer is available for commissions, you will love it.  

Lives in: Claremore

Artist Statement

I approach my art with the eye of a designer. As in the way I crop my subject matter and keep my imagery simple and confined. Using only what is necessary to tell the story, in the least amount of time. This came natural to me when I started painting in the Spring of 2012, after a long career in Graphic Design.
I paint with acrylics on canvas and love that they dry quickly. This gives me the ability to continue working on one painting at a time, from start to finish, with minimal breaks.
My inspiration comes from movies, my childhood, locations, pets and just about everything else.

Artist Bio

John was born in Kingsville, TX and now lives in Claremore, OK. He has an art studio at home and is one of the inaugural Studio Artists at The Hardesty Arts Center in Tulsa, OK.
When it came time for college he decided to pursue a degree in Graphic Design at OSUIT in Okmugee. But he never lost the desire to pursue his fine art, although painting continued to elude him.
In May, 2012 he picked up a paintbrush and took off on an exciting new direction in his career. In a variety of subject matter, his design background and love of color really stand out in his current work. This style has been described as "Pop Impressionism”.